Meet Our Team


Rae Logan
Rae LoganExecutive Director, Director of Community Outreach, 5 years
Mona Gobert-Cravins
Mona Gobert-Cravins211 Manager, Assistant Adminstrator, CRS, CIRS, 12 years
Chris Roy
Chris RoyDevelopment Coordinator, CIRS, 6 years


Janeice Armes
Janeice ArmesDonated Dental Coordinator, CIRS, 10 years
Linda Thomas
Linda ThomasOffice Manager, Financial Coordinator, 31 years
Kabrina Small
Kabrina SmallInformation and Referral Manager, CIRS, 2 years
Rachel Cocke
Rachel CockeDonor Database Manager, 1 year
Nikki Bellard
Nikki BellardMedicaid Enrollment Specialist
James Langlois
James LangloisDiabetes Program Coordinator, 2 years
Janise Anthony
Janise AnthonyInformation and Referral Specialist, Diabetes (DEEP) Peer Educator, Medical Appliance Loan Coordinator
Emily Drennan
Emily DrennanDonated Dental Pre-Hygeine Intern, 2 years
Erica Riche, PLPC
Erica Riche, PLPCMental Health Counselor for Crisis Connection Center, CIRS
Hugh Prats
Hugh PratsInformation and Referral Specialist
Kathy Frey
Kathy FreyInformation and Referral Specialist