Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find help from 232-HELP/LA 211?

There are many ways to reach us:

The most reliable way to reach us is to dial (337) 232-4357 and speak with one of our information and referral specialists. They will assist you in finding the help you need.

If our phone number is long distance for you, try our toll-free number (866) 778-2618.

If you are in the Acadiana area, 232-HELP is the local 211 service provider, so you can also reach us by dialing 211.

(Please be aware that not all wireless phone providers and office phone systems can access 211 services. If your phone does not connect the 211 call try one of our other numbers for assistance.)

If you would rather search for resources yourself check out our online resource directory.

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Is 232-HELP/LA 211 available 24 hours a day?
Can I call from a pay phone?
Can I use my cell phone?
Can I call from my TTY?
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Will my call to 232-HELP/LA 211 be confidential and anonymous?

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