Success Stories

“I received a call  Louisiana Attorney General’s office in efforts to help a family in need.  Upon networking with many social agencies, we produced a favorable response for the family.  Before I spoke to them, the family had nowhere to go.  Now, they have a safe place to lay their heads with transportation provided.  It is an amazing feeling when you can provide assistance to someone in need.”

"Ms. Karen called 232-HELP in a great deal of dental pain.  Ms. Karen had severe disabilities and was medically compromised.  After talking to her it was apparent that she must see a dentist as soon as possible. She had a swollen face and jaw.  The client met the program criteria for eligibility.  We called our Volunteer Dentists to schedule an emergency appointment.  The case was very complicated due to medical releases and the client needed IV sedation. Once the dental problem was addressed, Ms. Karen wrote a very kind letter thanking us for the relief of pain.  '232-HELP will be on my prayer list so other people like me can get help'.   As the Dental Coordinator of the Donated Dental Program (DDP), I have an opportunity to help those that are in the greatest need.   To hear the relief in their voices and the smiles on their faces after they are completed brings joy to my heart. "

“People often come to us lost, with little hope, unsure of what to do and where to turn. We help them to identify and access their own unique strengths in order to cope with their struggles and move out of crisis and into stability. There is nothing more rewarding than to help clients gain insight and personal empowerment.”

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